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Copy Vault

You know that your copy is what creates your brand story. Connects with your audience. Turns cold leads into warm leads into clients…into raving fans.

But you’re not sure where to start. What to write. How much or how little? You struggle with getting it to sound like “you.” And if you spend anymore time stalking other people’s copy, you are going to end up sounding like everyone else…generic.

I got you, girl!

I know how to get your copy to…

  • Sound like you
  • Drip with your personality AND your values
  • Resonate with your peeps
  • Convert, convert, convert!


But you’re not ready to outsource your copy. Or maybe you just plain don’t want to! You want to be able to write your own copy for your own business.

What if you could have all the information I’ve ever created on how to write emotionally-compelling copy PLUS a roadmap of what to write and in what order?

That’s what the Complete Copy Vault is! (woot woot!)

And it’s only $299. (A far cry from the $1,597 investment for my group programs or my done-for-you packages that start at $5k.)


The Vault

All of the resources and curriculum that I created to run my group programs for two years is included in the Vault:


The Complete Copy Course

How I Built a Thriving Business in 90 Days


Rockstar Writing Status

The Complete Copy course – includes modules AND guest experts on:

  •  Foundational Copy
  • Authenticity
  • Home/Start here, about, services pages
  • Sales pages
  • Opt-in & funnel copy
  • Launching with a social media challenge
  • Complete Copywriting Playbook (ebook)
  • Worksheets & videos for each module

(Retail value: $599)

(2) How I Built a Thriving Business in 90 Days: My Journey from Panic to Success (ebook) – $27

(3) Rockstar Writer Status – 8 mentoring modules on how to build Writing Business Success (retail value: $297)

Retail Value: $993

Knowing how to write effective copy will:

save you time

because you won’t be sitting in front of a blank screen again EVER & you won’t have to write nearly as much because what you DO write will be compelling and easy to repurpose

Give you the confidence

to share your website, post on social media and actually SELL your stuff

Provide you with the opportunity to connect

with not only potential clients and customers, but also collaborators, affiliates and influencers (good copy brings all the boys to the yard, yo)

Allow you to have peace of mind

that whenever you click “publish,” your copy will be on-brand and in alignment with your values

Who is this “Tara” chick, anyway?

I’m a former professor turned copywriter, digital marketing strategist and overnight entrepreneur. When I got laid off from my university teaching job of nearly a decade, I knew corporate America was no place for someone like me who won’t wear real pants more than two days a week and really doesn’t care to have someone tell her what to do.

Hmm…entrepreneurship it is, then.

As a single mom at the time, I made the (crazy?) choice to jump into business ownership relying on my strong writing skills, my ability to connect with people and build relationships, and my overall snark.

Thank God it worked!


My main purpose in life has always been to empower women. After getting a degree in Women’s Studies, working at the Women’s Center at my undergrad institution, working through feminist theory throughout graduate school, and spending most of my career teaching undergrads about feminism, it’s kind of cool that now I get to teach women entrepreneurs how to empower themselves by finding and using their most authentic voice.


I want your voice to be the one that’s heard in your copy. The one that easily shows your audience what your values are and why they should invest in you and your expertise. And that, my friend, is what builds a sustainable business destined for growth.


#realtalk time

I know you’re a bootstrappin’ kind of gal. I know you like to do things on your own and find a way to Youtube and Google your way to success. But let me tell you something – that takes a really long freakin’ time. By the time you create the patchwork of information you need to get your copy on point, you’re exhausted…and things have changed.


There really aren’t that many resources out there that help women entrepreneurs find their voice so they can write for their business. It’s mostly click-baity marketing advice from dudes. This collection of proven copy curriculum is a pretty darn good bet. And girl – if you aren’t willing to bet on yourself, you’ve got some other work to do. But if you’re ready to put faith in you and your business – let’s do this!

What if you could have all the information I’ve ever created on how to write emotionally-compelling copy PLUS a roadmap of what to write and in what order?

“Tara’s content and curriculum provide immeasurable value.  I knew I was missing something in my business. I didn’t know how to wrap my brand up in a tidy package that represented me. The Complete Copy Vault has given me just that.  I now have the words and confidence to share my brand with others.”

Melissa Ronda, The Honest Weigh

Being a part of Tara’s mastermind was a great path for me to gain clarity and develop my voice as I began to build my business.  The copy course was a perfect self-paced way to guide me through putting together the pieces of copy I needed for my website and gave me the tools to pitch myself. I love that I can also go back and continue to access the course as pieces are added and as I need to remind myself of the process to follow when writing.  This was definitely a great investment in myself!

Erica Quigley

I love so much about The Complete Copy Vault. I love the full lifetime access to the DIY course that takes you from Foundational Copy, Website Copy and all the way through Sales Copy so you have guidance on everything you need from start to finish.” elf!

Alesia Galati

You’ll really learn how to write with meaning!

Writing content was my biggest struggle. There has been far too many times of staring at a blank white page! I wanted people to take me seriously and look professional but I also wanted them to know the real me and why I am so awesome! The amazing Tara Bosler taught me exactly what that looks like! Through the course, you will also have the pleasure of watching interviews from other entrepreneurs and their take on specific topics. Tara goes into detail on how exactly to write authentic connect with wonderful presentation and examples. You can truly see and hear the passion Tara has and gives you everything you will need to be successful in writing your content. Now, I don’t have to stare at a blank page for an hour!

Diana Collins

Tara is a Rockstar!

The Complete Copy Course is everything you would expect from Tara and MORE! Tara takes you through each page and explains every single thing you need on your website. Not only does she walk you through each step, she gives you real life examples. Writing copy can be so stressful and daunting, but Tara’s course rocks and makes it enjoyable!

Jody Katter

This course was super easy to work through. Tara provides the information you need in a concise and easy to apply way with NO fluff! It is a great resource to help you get your copy ready to launch your website and business or to rework and improve your copy to convert.

Jena Proctor

I signed up for Tara’s mastermind to get clarity around marketing my book. Her Complete Copy Course was a game changer. Not only did the course give me a clear path for how to design a website around my book and business, but it gave me the confidence to write copy on my own.

Stephanie Nichols

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to this content?

Forever. Or as long as the Internet exists.

Is it an annual fee or a membership?

No…this is a one-time lifetime investment. You’re welcome.

Can I give it to my friends? All my entrepreneur friends will want this, too!

Being an entrepreneur yourself, I know you’ll understand why I’d prefer that you don’t give your login information out. But if you love the content within the Vault, I’d love for you to recommend it to your biz besties.

What if I have a question about the content? Is there a coaching component?

This is a self-paced DIY course with no coaching component. But when you purchase the CCV, you do qualify for discounted strategy sessions. You will be able to contact me directly through the site once you gain access.

Is the content dripped or all-access?

You have immediate and lifetime access to everything as soon as you purchase the CCV. Even if you’re buying it at 9pm. I will be fast asleep, but you can still totally get access to all of it.